Happy Tonite – Ed Jones and James Welch


Year: 2010
Edition: First edition of 1,000 numbered copies
Pages: 104
Dimensions: 24.5 x 21 cm
Format: Hardcover with PVC veneer

Each copy contains one of three different stamped and numbered original Liu YiQing prints.

The photographs in Happy Tonite have been selected by Ed Jones and James Welch from the collection of Chinese photography assembled by Thomas Sauvin for the Archive of Modern Conflict. The photographers represented in the book are Liu YiQing, Cai Hongshuo, Chang He, Zeng Han, Yang Changhong, Bai Chuan, Dustin Shum, Chang Qing, Fang Er, Feng Li, Luo Dan and Jiang Yiming. Each has his or her individual and unique ideas and preoccupations, but collectively they can be seen to demonstrate and reflect a concerted move outside the traditional Chinese boundaries and restrictions.

  • Winner of the Best Book Award at China’s Dali International Photography Exhibition, 2011.
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