Will Write Soon – David Thomson


Text by Luce Lebart

Year: 2024
Edition: First
Pages: 184
Dimensions: 24 x 17 cm
Format: Softcover
ISBN: 9791094060452

The hundreds of photographs gathered in Will Write Soon, lead us into the meanderings of day-to-day life in the towns and countryside of North America at the turn of the 20th century. Real photographic postcards (RPPCs) are hybrid images, halfway between traditional photographs and postcards. The original prints were not mass produced but real artisanal photographs produced from silver gelatin negatives developed in chemical baths. On the back, like traditional postcards, there is a space to put a stamp and an address, as well as a few words. Sending an image from home was a practice that enjoyed extraordinary popularity from 1905 to the late 1930s, particularly in the rural regions of America’s heartland.


Nostalgic images and quick, heartfelt greetings: a compelling collection of American real photographic postcards and their corresponding written notes

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